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Thranduil on the Battle of the Five Armies

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the amount of sass in those hips and hair flips (mostly just jjong tho tbh)

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Never forget how perfect Jonghyun looked in Breaking News

Blue night radio 14/07/25

J: Even until now I still often contact and meet up with my friends from my middle school band, and sometimes we also talk about our past
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when he notices you (✿◠‿◠) (X)

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shinee is truly important to me i’m so happy they exist and i’m grateful to everyone who also appreciates their existence like i do because they deserve it they deserve all the love they get i’m really thankful thank you so much for liking shinee o h fuc


The yellow bear's cave

"I’m like the piper boy and you’re like a free child
Flashier and more beautiful than anyone else."
Hi. I'm 19. I'm a proud shawol. Blinger and Kpopper.
Love you all. ^^